K.S Janani, the founder of K.S jewels, currently pursuing C.A. I was passionate about jewels since my childhood. And, used to make jewels in my past time for own purposes and in time also started making customized jewels for neighbours and friends. This passion grew and finally took a new path during the lockdown when we planned to start it as a business, initially this was done in a small scale by creating a whatsapp group. Then the hardwork paid and the business grew, instagram and Facebook pages were created. Taking things to another level now, we launched our website.
We also have a youtube channel where the jewels are shown live videos to guarantee the customers confidence and trust. Our collections include varieties like matte finish, antique finish, American diamonds, bridal jewellery, budget friendly jewels, daily wears and many more in all price ranges from very simple daily wear to the most premium high quality sets.
We believe in fair and transparent business and also believe that the customer should be understood so well that we know his needs much before he understands them himself. These are the simple principles that have helped us reach where we are today. Pampered by your unbound love and support and with the blessings of the Almighty, we believe we are in the right path towards the accomplishment of our visions.